Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How has acting for Christ blessed your life

I wrote this letter to my daughters
 after an amazing day
I hope you enjoy reading it too.

After exercising at the gym with the sister missionaries from 6-7 am
I spent the day in a zone conference missionary training from 9-4
It was amazing!
It filled me with the Spirit and I was feeling on top of the world.
On my way home was behind a truck that was stalled, at first I moved to the right to get out of their way but then felt prompted to help them.
I remembered Ken had left the tow chain in the back of the Tahoe for the past week or so.
So I got out offered my help
when they accepted I pulled in front of them and backed up. In my dress I helped them hook up the chain on my trailer hitch so it would not slip. They couldn't find a place to hook it to their truck so I had the idea to pop the hood and hook it to what ever held the engine in place. It worked.
The police officer named Chad gave us permission to tow as well as gave us an escort all the way to their house in Lake Mountain estates.
I told the son who was my passenger that it was his job to pray that no one would get in front of us and all the streetlights would stay green! I also told him that I was a ward missionary  for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and asked if he would like us to come over and teach him a 15 min lesson about Jesus Christ. He said YES!!!! He wrote down his name and phone number on the back of one of my business cards.
The step father in the truck did an outstanding job being the "break" while we towed. (He had been a truck driver)
The neighbor saw that I was a girl and said, you must have been a farm girl to know how to do that.
I just smiled and said my husband owns old cars and they break down a lot so they taught me how to tow, and laughed a little.
The he said I was a Savior and I said I was acting for the Savior just for the day.
The tried to give me money but I refused.
I'd much rather have the blessing of doing something good for someone in need.
Once I got to work, I called Beryl (Grandma) and asked for her missionaries phone number 860-6955 since they live in their ward. 
The missionaries came to the Gym and picked up the card with Scott's phone # on it and I wrote inside a Book of Mormon that I had with me. It's the one I keep at the gym to read while I exercise each morning.
I pray that the Missionaries will have success and that they will accept help not just for their broken truck but to better their lives.

I know you may think I am crazy
but you do what the Spirit directs you to do, and it always turns out alright.
love, mom

How has acting for Christ 
blessed your life?
Please share your story below in the comments 
May God bless you for all the good you do

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