Monday, September 23, 2013

May God bless each of us as we share what we love with the people we meet

The real Treasure in our Late Night Stamper treasure hunt blog hop 
is getting to work with so many creative friends to share what we love with our parts of the world.
I challenge each of us as we create cards and blog about them and pin them that we take one each day and give it away.
Find someone who could use a little encouragement, a kind note, a bit more laughter...
As you give them away tell us about it here. 
(please comment below and feel free to leave your blog address in your comment as well) 
I will use these testimonials in a blog post I would like to do about our late night stamper group members.
Showing that we do more than just make cards, we give a little bit of ourselves to others each and every day.

We have a purpose driven life. We have a NEED to feel like what we are doing matters to someone.

Yesterday I gave away this card. I gave it along with a dress a slip and a t-shirt so this lady could come join us at church. The sister missionaries and I had been teaching her about the gospel of Jesus Christ and she seemed very receptive but said when we invited her to go to church that she did not own a dress of any kind.
She could have come to church wearing pants but I know she would feel more comfortable being dressed like all the other women. Our daughter had gone to college and left some clothes in her closet and so I called her and asked if I could give a few things of hers away. She said yes even before I offered to replace what I gave away of hers.

This lady may never come to church with us but now she has a dress and if she decides to go will feel better about it.
May each of us see the need in others and be able to serve them in a way that pleases God, the person we are serving and ourselves. I feels so good to share.
I am truly grateful for your friendship, for the ability we have been given to brighten others days by sharing our art with them. 

May God bless you and all  you do for others,
Sherrill Graff 

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