Friday, September 13, 2013

Check your Food Storage - Check dates of the foods you donate - Recycle

The bags got dropped off Wednesday night
Bag pick up is Saturday September 14th

Each year when the Emergency Aid food drive starts in Boulder City Nevada
I take the time to 
Check my Food Storage 

I look for cans with dates that has expired
I look for bulging cans
cans with leaks, drips, and dents

I don't know how I missed this can last year
it was in the far back corner of my shelves

a sure sign the food may not be safe is a hissing sound when you open the can
If the food is discolored
has bits of aluminum can on them
don't even taste it, just put it down your disposal

Rinse your cans out and Recycle them

Please check your dates before you donate 
food to your food pantry
Make sure the dates are not already expired

I know our food pantry gets a lot of yams 
and cranberry sauce that people have left over 
from the year before. 

Think about your friends who have lost their job
and need help feeding their families during 
their trial. 
Foods like Cereal, Macaroni and Cheese, Milk, eggs
peanut butter, pancake mix and syrup
are in high demand.

Our food pantry has refrigerators for 
your milk and egg donations

They open at 9:30 am and 
stay open until 11:00 am each day
if you want to buy something 
while you are at the store
and drop it off.

May God bless everyone 
who donates food to feed the hungry

May God also bless
families suffering from 
unemployment to find work
to help them provide for their family.

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