Monday, August 12, 2013

I love that as we have been sharing photos and videos from convention customers are taking interest

just a few of the nice gifts I was blessed with at convention this year

With the new catalog year
comes fun new products
To see the videos of how to use all of our new products click here

I have 3 nice people that I know of who want to join my team so far!

sharing a beautiful card with others
is easy and fun

Sharing the business with others is like
giving them a circle of friends they didn't know they needed.

It's amazing what happens when we share what we love 
out of the desire to help others and invite friends to join the fun!

this owl was folded flat for the trip home from convention
I will replace the eye he lost pop him back out to full size and fill him with treats
before I give him to another friend somewhere along the way.

When I invited my friends to join the Stampin Up family...
I did get a bunch of people I asked say no
a few said when the time is right
3 said yes
and I'm still waiting back to hear from some who have not replied yet. 

I love this card
it reminds me that we all need friends
who make us smile!

I think of it as sharing Stampin Up as plate of yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies that I offer to my friends.

they are so good I want my friends to taste them but if someone says no, I don't get my feelings hurt, I just go and offer their cookie to someone else. 
There are a lot of people out there who need what we have and we CAN find them if, we are willing to share what we love. 

I love what they talked about in the recruiting and booking booths about it taking some NO's to get some YES's
I have one booking so far to go with my 3 newest team members!  I feel so blessed.

How did you do?

As for what Rich said
It is a reward for us who build our business the 3 legs of the stool 

I posted the link of the opening and closing sessions of convention on my blogs so all my readers may watch and feel what it is like to be a part of convention.

What are you doing to make sure your stool has 3 strong, even, legs? 

Let your friends know you are thinking of them
and thinking how Stampin Up can 
bless their life as well.

May each of us do all we can to build a balanced business
so we may 
eventually use our stepping stool to reach 
new heights in our Stampin Up business. 

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