Friday, June 28, 2013

Late Night Stamper - Stampin Up Demonstrators Having fun and Making a Difference

Our goals for our  Late Night Stamper Pre convention events have always been, building relationships while we spending time together, stamping and sharing what we love - Stampin Up style
We use 99% Stampin Up products and encourage you to do the same. 

Together we make out SLC trip last all week long. Some of you arrive Saturday the 13th if you are at the SLC downtown Radisson by 7pm please come join us for Sherrill's birthday dinner downstairs in Cooper Canyon. Each of us will be paying for our own meals.

If you arrive on Sunday the 14th you can look for us in the in the classroom on the second floor by 6pm for 
Check in will include a station for you to make your own name tag with the supplies provided. 

A special thank you to the team of instructors who work so hard to come up with cute LNS badges we are proud to wear all week long! 

YOU MUST wear your name tag to get into every event
guest who do not have their name tag on will not be allowed to enter the room.
Don't lose your name tag! 

Sunday Night is out Gift Exchange
the cost of your gift may only be up to $5
the value of your gift may be PRICELESS

On Monday Tuesday and Wednesday we will be having lunch together at 1pm in the classroom
if you have paid in advance for your meals please come each with us. 
Each member who has previously paid and has not yet received their $42 Food Refund should pick it up Sunday Night at check in. 

On Monday and Tuesday for our Stamp Camp, Shoe box swaps, Wow event  
we encourage you to wear your Late Night Stampers aprons or T-Shirt if you have one!

On Tuesday For our Reunion party you may wish to dress up 80's RETRO! 

There is a FREE Open stamping event Wednesday morning in the classroom from 9-11 to work on your own swaps 
no name tags required for this event so you may bring a friend. 
Our displays/cards/swaps will still be out to take photos of, so bring your camera!

Wednesday Night at our Welcome Party it's all about 
sharing what you love and making a difference

Don't forget to bring your paper bag books to SHOW and TELL
as well as bring one you created to donate to the Ronald McDonald house
Lana Limb from Stampin Up will take the paper bag books we donate and deliver them to the House.


The 80+1 card front swap is at 5 pm
come swap with us and then go grab a bite to eat so you can get back to the convention center by 6:30 for awards night
We still ask you to bring 80+1 cards even though we know a few of our members will not be able to make it.
You can swap out your left over card fronts Saturday morning at convention. 

Each of us volunteer our time and talents to help our events be FUN as we try
new ideas and revisit some favorite techniques as well.
Please take the time to thank the instructors and they work hard to help you get the most of your experience. 

We appreciate your friendship and your willingness to share what you love
We are looking forward to Seeing YOU in July of 2013

May God bless you and your family, 
Sherrill Graff 
"if God is your co-pilot, switch seats"

Sunday, June 2, 2013

I am so thankful for inspiration from God - He will bless us with ideas and answers to our prayers when we seek his council and follow his Spirit

A trip down memory lane

This post talks about my friend Beverly Penick and how she loves my contests.

It also talks about the pre-convention event we held in July of 2008.
We always have a Ronald McDonald house cards for the kids table where members can create items to be donated to our Las Vegas house.

I also pulled a few photos off my blog to show you where my real success with Stampin Up began.

One day I was in my craft room. I was listening to a talk on tape. I don't remember what the talk was about but I do remember the feeling that washed over me. The feeling gave me the desire to pray. My prayer was simple. I asked to be inspired to create something that would knock my customers socks off. I went back to my craft room and continued to listen to uplifting music while I worked.

This was one of the ideas we came up with. I say we because I did not come up with this all on 
my own. I believe I was blessed with Divine inspiration.

The 6X6 is in a page protector and has hinges made with the round tab punch. Then the hinges are attached to the outside of the 12X12 sheet protector creating an interactive scrapbook page!
That idea led to this one below.

The 6X6 and the 81/2 X 11 lift up 
This allows me to get 8 or more good size photos on one layout!

That idea led to this idea below.
This is five 6X6 sheet protectors attached to the front of this 12X12.

You can get 11 photos on this page. Then later on my husband suggested that I trim 1/4 inch off the sheet protectors so that I could get 2 rows of pages protectors all on this single 12X12!!!!!

I am so thankful for inspiration from God
I did end up knocking their socks off. 
I also sold 15 of these page kits in the first hour of my scrapbook crop.

I went on to teach this class over and over again over the next 2 years. It was so great to see how excited everyone was about this technique. I was also pleased to give the glory to God for the inspiration. He will bless us with ideas and answers to our prayers when we seek his council and follow his Spirit.

See how each page lifts up? How cool is that!

here are some other fun projects and pages I have been blessed to create

May God bless and inspire you
as you share what you love! 

May God bless you and your family, 
Sherrill Graff 702-293-1386

"if God is your co-pilot, switch seats"

I appreciate your kind comments