Tuesday, March 12, 2013

YOU have Bragging Rights - if you find your art on any of my blogs post this image on yours

each link below tells you what it is
PLEASE leave a comment on the ones you like.
if you find your art on any of my blogs post this image on yours

I was featured-001.jpg
YOU have Bragging Rights  :)

  1. late night stamper cafe press t-shirts for convention 2011 a link showing 

    the Late Night Stamper Logo Wear we get and wear to convention each year

  2. Late Night Stampers - Paper Craft Planet

    40 of our members who are also members of Paper Craft Planet
    photos of Late Night Stamper artwork and links to their blogs

  1. First 13 assignments for Late Night Stamper Business Builders boot ...

    13 ideas to help grow your stampin up business
  2. Radisson Hotel Salt Lake City Downtown - Radisson.com

    where we stay in SLC in July each year

    • Single Occupancy - $125
    • Double Occupancy - $130
    • Triple Occupancy - $135
    • Quad Occupancy - $140
  3. Blog Finds of the Day

    Kelly's blog finds 

  4. Fellow Late Night Stamper and Stampin Up demonstrators - web ring

    a list of links from our Late Night Stamper members
  5. part time Paper Craft full time FUN!: late night stamper pre ...

    Late Night Stamper friends having fun stamping at our Pre-Convention events
  6. Late Night Stamper one of my many blogs

  7. convention 2010 – Late Night Stamper events » Stampin' Up ...

    photos from our 2010 pre convention fun

    Royal Blog Tour

    all our members are Royal
    Go read about some of them

    2. Late Night Stamper -Team member Technique Night in Las Vegas ...

      Photos from one of our Las Vegas area team meetings 

    3. sherrill Graff: Late Night Stamper getting ready for convention - we ...

      photos and stamped art 
      logo wear 
      and a link to Lisa Tedders video site
    4. sherrill Graff: Late Night Stamper team events before our FUN ...

      a great post with LOTS of photos of our members having FUN!!!!

    5. sherrill Graff

      another one of my blogs

      2. Late Night Stamper: August 2010

        fun stamping ideas from our members

      3. Sherrill Graff and her Late Night Stamper group of demonstrators ...
      4. our Ronald McDoanld House Charity events

      5. untitled.jpg

May God bless you and your family, 
Sherrill Graff istmpnv@aol.com 702-293-1386
http://latenitestampinwithsherill.blogspot.com/2013/02/late-night-stamper-treasure-hunt-blog.html blog hop with prizes


Sharon Madsen said...

I LOVE LNS. I get the majority of my inspiration from them. However, I'm VERY guilty of NOT posting my stuff. I keep saying I'll do better...and I just don't get to it.
But...thanks so much for "hostessing" this group. It's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love LNS Too! I am totally amazed at the heart that goes into putting something like this together!!! Thank you!

So ideas - you have a lot of blog sites... I was wondering if you could do a pinterest type page where you have a picture to represent the blog and then a description. When you click on the picture you go to the blog...

This way it is easy for the user to visually see everything on one screen without scrolling and then jump into which area of LNS they need to go into...

Try to make the LNS area so that the user does not have to click more than three times... this way it is easy to navigate quickly...

And again huge thank you for LNS... what a huge blessing it is!

Jackie Watson said...

Sherrill, I love all of your blogs they full of information for demos and non-demos They are clean and not cluttered, now my favorite is stamp and scrap it feels homey. LOL and my second best SOS blog, because you posted my card. just kidding it is an awesome blog. I have learned so much from your blogs Thank You for all your hard work.

Linda R said...

My Fav is the LNS Demo group. So many of my questions are answered before I think of them. I enjoy reading it through and many times it also answers questions for my customers. I am very grateful to you Sherrill.