Monday, September 3, 2012

The Scrapbook artwork of Michele Hillam - My Twin Sister

Scrapbooking is a great way to remember fun things

Michele, Rain, Tony and Sherrill 
are the 4 oldest children of Linda and Stan Bush

Michael, David and Emily 
are the 3 youngest in the family

Mike and Dave are twins as well

Michele and I are twins

Here are our children

This is Michele's family

Here are more of the Scrapbook Pages she has created

This was taken at our,
Mark and Sherrill Graff's wedding 
August 25th 1984
Our mom Linda passed away 
a couple years after this photo.

Our parents grew up in Boulder City
and snow only comes a couple times a year.

My sister and I went to the 
Price Is Right 
here in Las Vegas  NV
She has always loved that show!

Quite a few years before this photo
Stan married Nancy
and we added a new sister to the family.

Here is everyone with their kids too
How many people are in the photo?
I lost track at 29....

This was taken at The Bush Family Reunion
In Salt Lake City Utah in 2012

Our Dad turned 75

I'm the one shown washing our dad's Mustang
He/We loved that car.

Michele has talent decorating as well.

This is our neice Kay
She is soooo cute!

This is at Lindsay and Kyle's 
wedding last year

Michele and Mark were in Tokyo this summer

I needed to include this one
Mark's favorite food. 

Thanks Michele for inspiring me with your artwork!
See you in about a week
I can't wait to see everyone

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Penny Hanuszak said...

Congrats on having a twin very special. I absolutely loved your trip down memory lane with all these fantastic scrap book pages. Beautifully done! Very inspiring. You have a beautiful family Sherrill.