Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Late Night Stampers working together to build our dream

Late Night Stamper WEB RING

Pick a friend from the list above and post an Artist Spotlight
You can use the power of your community to create some fabulous blog posts. After all, who says your blog has to be all about you?
Highlight some amazing friends in your Stampin Up community. Show their art and link to their blogs. In exchange ask them to link to yours. 
You can get some really amazing ideas to share with your viewers in an Artist Spotlight. 
Pictures, Pictures and More Pictures! Most of the people who will come to your blog are visual learners.
Posting 75% photos and 25% words will help make your blog fun to view.
Sponsoring contests is a great way to get readers engaged in your blog.
Aside from bringing traffic to your website, hosting a contest will serve as a means of broadcasting your product to a potentially untapped audience. 
We are holding our Treasure Hunt Blog Hop to attract new viewers as well as reward them for visiting our friends blogs as well. 
Please feel free to blog about this post or tweeted about it to your followers and friends.
Come back here and let me know you shared, post your comment below

Go see my artist spotlight post here

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