Wednesday, August 22, 2012

step by step directions for Late Night Stampers wanting to participate in our Treasure hunt Blog Hop

step 1) 
get your blog added to our web rink 

just e-mail me your name and blog address

step 2) 
add a post to your blog talking about our Treasure Hunt
Treasure Hunt Clue-001.jpg

Step 3)
pick a product from the stampin up catalog and add it as your CLUE on your blog post
Here is my clue
step 4) Tell your viewers a little about your clue like this

My clue is SNAIL
"adhesive shaped like a snail and leaves a sticky trail"

step 5) add these words to your post 
E-mail me after you have collected 50 clues
(list the clues and where you got them in your e-mail)
INCERT YOUR OWN e-mail address 
and I'll enter you into my Fall treasure hunt give-a-way

Drawing to be held October 31st 2012
winner will be notified by e-mail 

step 6) before October 30th e-mail me 
the first name and last initial 
of each of your viewers who gave you 50 clues 

like this:
Stephanie K
Julie R
Gretchen S
Tami G
and YOUR own name and e-mail

That way when I draw the winner I'll know who's customer they are.
I'll post the winners name and the name of the DEMO who gave the name to me and that demo will be in charge of getting the winners $150 wish list and mailing address to me.

For all of you who don't know me well enough to know. I will NOT steal your customers. I have plenty of my own.

I'm doing this to help all of us 
share what we love
and I pray we will all see more blog viewers.

Optional step) If you want to include the web ring list on your blog post  Please do
it will not only help your viewers go from your blog to all the other blogs and back again it should drive your blog hits through the roof! 
Having more blog viewers, on a regular basis wil raise your search engine ratings.
Having all these names on your blog will also help people find your blog when they search for any of these demos names. 
Having their links on your stampin blog, and your link on their stampin blogs, will also increase your search engine raiting which should move your blog up the list when a potential customer searches the internet, looking to buy stampin up products.

Having a link to your Demonstrator Business web site on your blog is not enough...
welcome your viewers to your blog and ask them to please check out your stampin up website. 

Optional step #2) You may wish to include an extra drawing of your own for all of your blog viewers who go to your stampin up website and enter their contact information. 
The prize could be as simple as 2 hand crafted cards a month for an entire year!

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