Friday, July 27, 2012

This charity events started in 2009 - it continues today in 2012 and you can help

UPDATE (11/30/2009) - A BIG thank you to those of you who 
participated in ANY way with this project.  Although it 
has come to an end, may your service continue!!  I welcome 
you to continue helping and serving those at the Ronald 
McDonald house, or else where.  There are so many needs 
and ways to serve.  You are all amazing people and I am so
 grateful for your willingness to serve and help others.  
THANK YOU!  You are welcome to continue donating 
cards and/or blankets to your local Ronald McDonald 
house or you can mail your donations to the Las Vegas 
Ronald McDonald House (address is below)  ANY TIME 
and she will see they are put to good use.  
For your information, we donated 7,372 cards and 831 blankets.
 THANK YOU everyone!!!!!  ~ Melanie  : )


I am starting a new tradition here at SugarDoodle.  
The last few months I have been thinking about 
starting an annual service project and I am going 
to go for it and hope you will join me.

I am teaming up with Sherrill Graff to help fill a 
desperate need for homemade cards and blankets 
for the Ronald McDonald house in Las Vegas
2323 Potosi Street  Las Vegas, NV 89146

  Most parents with sick children can not afford to go 
to the gift shop to buy a gift for their child. Your cards 
would allow them to cheer up their children often during 
their stay.  Most children are in ICU rooms....which means 
they don't allow flowers and balloons; however, 
they do allow cards :)

The houses also need little blankets to give each child 
when they arrive. The blanket goes home with the child 
when they leave the house after recovering 
from their hospital stay.

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