Monday, May 30, 2011

Advice for stampin up demos wishing to make a difference - by sherrill graff

People love to gather for charity events. Have you tried doing a stamping charity event for something close to your heart?
Excuse me if I talk about my experiences here, I hope that by sharing them something I say will rekindle a spark within you.

I started at the blind center helping sight impaired people create greeting cards. The only problem we ran into was the cheep round glue sticks that you get from the office supply roll off the table so do yourself a favor and buy 10 of stampin up's glue sticks, when they put them down at 2 o'clock, they can always find them! The big shot works great with this group since no one has ever cut their fingers! They can feel the ridge created on the edge of each item they cut out so they know which side of the cardstock us the front. The embossing folders are fun to use as well, They LOVE texture!!!
Go find a blind center near you, then bring with you 3-4 of your favorite customers to help the patrons to create the cards. They love it when each of them can have a personal helper. We have done some stamping with this group but they usually get ink all over their fingers just trying to find the open stamp pad.
How will this help you? Not only will you be doing a great service, service always helps us feel good but you will be helping your customers have fun while sharing their love for stamping. Once the center you go to sees you have this to offer they will continue to pass the word that you and your team of volunteers offer this service each month. If you need more volunteers send out a help wanted e-mail to your customer base.

When a charity event touches peoples hearts, they will do all they can to help and support worthwhile causes.

We have stamped cards for the kids for the past several years and it go so big at one point that volunteers of southern nevada were sending us helpers to help create the cards. Some months we would have over 40 volunteers in one day!
We have held these events at libraries, at recreation centers, UNLV, at IHOP and at the Ronald McDonald house as well!
Customers and friends have even brought retired DSP and cardstock to use. We have even gone into the elementary schools to involve the children in this community service. Try it, it's a great way to tell others what you do and get them involved. The BEST part is the SMILES on the children's faces when they receive the cards and know they are loved!

The last few events we have done have been to create cards and scrapbook pages for women who have been affected by cancer.
The new HOPE set is perfect for this.
The Pink Hope Card is just one that was created by Kay Capps that will be given to one of Dr. Spotts patients. Kay sent a wood mounted HOPE stamp set along with her card donations so a friend we have not met yet will know she is loved and that she is not alone.

Do you have a charity that is close to your heart? Most of the advertising for these events have been done by word of mouth and on the internet. It's amazing how many volunteer to help make a difference in the lives of others.
I have even had a few ladies book a home workshop to create cards for the kids or purchase the build a bear dies to make it easier to cut more bears at one time. Our Team members and demo friends have really gone the extra mile to make sure the needs of the sick, the blind, and the lonely are taken care of.
Stampin Up Demos both Men and Women are really the HEART of this company!!!! Thanks for all you do each day to touch lives in a positive way!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stampin Up Alaska Cruise photos with Mark and Sherrill Graff

This is the Room we were given on our stampin up Alaska cruise. We loved it and felt to spoiled. They cleaned our room each morning whie we were at the gym then they came and turned down the bed while we were at dinner.

Can you tell we are having fun already?

This is our first gathering, look at these one + mugs stampin up provided for our hot chocolate. There were tables full of candies, all kinds of candy and plenty of chocolate too!

Dinner with our friends Mark and I, Judy and Pablo, Susan and Doug. These dinners were my favorite part of our trip. Good friends, good conversations. Thanks friends for sharing each night with us.

Photos by Judy Garza

Our first pillow gift! Love these gifts... Stampin Up rocks!

We gathered in the main theatre where Shelli and Pam showed us a TON of NEW products and projects and gave us the NEW catalog!!!! We took it to our rooms and looked at every single page!!! Whoo hooo... I already have a huge wish list and the new hostess sets are to die for!

We had dinner with Rich and Wendi and they took us up to see the bridge where the first mate was supervising while another officer drove the boat.

Formal night, it was so good to spend time with friends. Thanks Caroline for stopping by our table!

Check out this cool owl... an owl is our Late Night Stamper logo. We saw this owl on the tour Judy and Pablo took us on.
There were plenty of totem poles to see.

Judy and I had our photos taken inside this rain forest tree.

Photos by Judy Garza

Paublo and Mark fed the reindeer.

Our cruise director Steve at our Stampin Up Share night

More ideas from other successful demos

All great ideas and many more!

Now to go back on Weight Watchers to take off the extra weight I gained from all this yummy food!

This is a photo of the Master Chef in charge of all this great food.

Looking forward to seeing you all in July for our Pre-convention events! we have 9 tickets left!

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