Saturday, November 20, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and the Law of the Harvest

We reap what we sow, I have always believed that.

How well our events go usually depends on what we put into them.
My best suggestion, if you believe in God which I think you do is to pray about your events, pray about your business, pray to bless the lives of others with your service. Last year I know God answered my families prayers over an over again, he is still answering them. I believe our efforts are multiplied when we ask God for guidance and do what we think is best.

It's important to keep first things first.
What is your biggest priority?
We put God and family first, then everything else seems to fit into place.

When it comes to supplies, I try and use what I have first.
It's almost like a game, I look for ideas using stamps I already own then modify the idea to use the supplies I have on hand.

When a new mini comes out I try not to purchase more then I know I will use.
If you are meeting new customers each week you can show the same thing all week long and not have to worry about a guest seeing the same thing twice.

I like to plan 3 samples for the entire month and cut 40-60 of them at one time. I pack everything I need into a small suitcase and put it in my car. That way I can do a workshop on a moments notice. If I notice I'm running low on something I write myself a note and replenish that item before my next event.

I hope some of these ideas help.
I just know from my own experience when I used to have small children, I'd spend way to much time looking up and planning ideas, much more time than I needed to. Back then I wasn't as confident in my skills as I am today.
It comes with practice. I also used to buy a bunch of stuff each quarter thinking I would use all of it, knowing it would be nice to have but sadly finding out many of the items were new in June when they retired.
It's sort of like going to the grocery store without your meals planned out and without a shopping list.
In this economy we can't afford to waste time, or have supplies we don't use.
Try to use what you have and pray that it will all work out.
One last thing before I get off my soap box...
If we put service first the sales will come on their own. When we go into a workshop thinking about sales as our main objective, we are easily disappointed.
May God bless you, bless your home and bless your business.
I'm thankful for you my stamping friends. Thanks for all the inspiration you share with all of us all through the year. I know we get out of Stampin Up what we put into it and I have seen it pay a large part of our household bills.
Do you best and leave God the rest.


Whimcees said...


Great tips and ideas! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Barbara Diane

Wonderfully Made! said...

Amen! Love your post, God will certainly bless our efforts when we ask, sometimes not in the ways we think though! I'm following you from SC!

Susan Carlson said...

Thank you for all that you do for demonstrators. I appreciate you sharing your experience and advice to us. May God bless your family, too!

Latenightstamper said...

Thank you for leaving a word of encouragement and for your friendship. Our family is going through a trial with unemployment. I have applied for 2 other jobs and hope I will get hired. Once is teaching crafts at a recreation center, the other is at a bank.
Thanks for your prayers on our behalf. We hope Mark will find a "steady job" soon.
Bless you and your family, Sherrill

Tamara Rutledge said...

This post was exactly what I needed to read. I just became an SU demo, and I've been feeling a tadd discouraged. How could I NOT believe in God when He led me here! Thank you so much for lifting my spirit. MASSIVE Blessings, Love and Squishes to you and yours xoxoxoxox

Davina Allgrim said...

Great advice! Following through SC.