Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Make the main thing the" MAIN THING " - Dale Filmore Stampin Up

On average Americans spend 40 hours a week watching TV reading recreational books and playing online/video games

I have heard many demonstrators say "I just can't find the time to work my business" "if only there were a few more hours in the day."

Please take the time to think about how you spent your day yesterday.
How much time did you spend
sleeping, working, reading, cleaning, teaching, socializing, watching TV, cooking, blog hopping or playing video games?

Take the time to write down what you did and then total up the time you spent in each activity.
My husband and I did this a few years ago with our bills to see that we were spending over 25% of our income on fast food and video rentals.
This habit was easy to control once we realized how much money we spent on these things.

a good way to avoid any addictive compulsive behavior is to to understand the importance of balance in our lives. Stampin Up is always talking about balance. Dale Filmore talked about Putting first things first, when he said Make the main thing "the Main Thing" at leadership in Arizona.

Is your family, your career, your schooling, your stampin up business, your other job the MAIN THING
what is it that causes you to do what you do?

Living life with Passion and a Purpose.... As life goes on our focus may change and develop. What was more important to me while the children were young is a little less important now as our children are older.

IF YOU THINK things are getting in the way of you accomplishing what is MOST IMPORTANT ask yourselves these questions

• Do you play, read, or watch compulsively?
• Do you play, read, or watch for long periods of time (often longer than you had planned)?
• Once online, do you have difficulty stopping?
• Do you play, read, or watch as often as you can?
• When you are not playing, reading, or watching, do you obsess about the game, story or show ?
• Do you sacrifice real-world things for your online world?
• Is your gaming, reading, watching negatively affecting your relationships with family members or other friends?
• Have your sleep patterns changed since you became involved with online gaming? Are you staying up extremely late or getting up in the middle of the night to play?

I have only been playing online video games for 8 weeks now but I have seen a result that I need to change. When I used to have free time, I'd prepare for a workshop, I'd visit with customers, I'd stamp with friends, or I would spend time calling leads and booking events.

Playing a game or watching TV is easier but it won't bring you the feeling of satisfaction of a job well done. It will however take time away from your day that could be used more productively.

It's up to each of us how we spend our 24 hours of every day.
Let's take the time to examine how we spend our time and see if there are a few more minutes we can spend on activities that will truly make a difference in our lives and in the lives of our family, friends, and customers.

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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Whimcees said...


Wishing you a great weekend and a Happy Halloween!


Barbara Diane

Latenightstamper said...

Thank you Barbara,
I needed that happy thought today.
I have a head cold... but I have 4 days until my next workshop to recover. Happy Halloween to you too!