Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Thank you for a wonderful week with stampin up friends - so glad to have you a pert of our Late Night Stamper family

Our trip here to salt lake city for the week of convention has been wonderful so far!!! I'm so pleased at how well everything went for the past two days here at the Radisson for our pre-convention events and I have to credit that success to a wonderful supportive team of demonstrators who share what they LOVE!

We had a opportunity to present 3 LNS Heart awards
one went to Ilene Meckly for sharing from the heart. Her inspiration and motivation will go on to help so many of us who attended her training events.

The other two gals who were presented with the LNS heart awards were Bev Pennick and Rosemarie Gonzales
Each love and share with other members of the group and are so passionate about giving service and giving sincere praise to others.

YOU are wonderful and so deserving of this necklace, a necklace that means so much more to each of us here at LNS!
Thank you for your service

I'm off to take a shower in hopes that it will relax me enough that I will be able to go back to bed....
We get to go to the convention center, check in and receive our new convention bags with all the goodies in them!
We also get a opportunity to jump into the express momento mall line because of the blessing from adding a new team member this week.
and .... I get to go to the awards booth to see what sorts of fun gifts await me there!!! whoo hoo

I also get to go see my Service Account manager Terri who worked hard all year to serve me and help my business grow!

I'd love to take this opportunity to thank my dear family for their love and support without whom I would not be experiencing this great event!!!!! Thank you for all the encouragement to get out and meet new people. Thanks for cooking meals so I can use that time to work my business! Thanks for doing my household chores so I can go do workshops and sell product. Thanks mostly for loving me and allowing me to do something I feel so passionately about, I love the people I serve in this business like they were my very own family. Thank you for sharing me with all of them.
It's great to hear how just a little extra kindness goes a long way!!!
I can be a better person because you bless my life so very much.

love, Sherrill (wife and mother and grandmother to little Ava)

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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Diane said...

Great group. So glad I found you through SC follow forum. I'm following you now, and will definitely be back to visit. Love your creations!

You can find me at:

Mary R. said...

Sherill, Iam so glad to have found your blog a while ago I try and come here every day bc Ia not a demo I cant get in your roup so I come here thank you for having me I love love your art and your demos are so great with there aet as well..take care ...MaryR..
from Long beach