Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Swap Cards and Projects for Stampin Up Convention in July 2010- sherrill graff, late night stamper

Here are some photos from our Late Night Stamper events for the Stampin Up convention

when you sign up to participate in one of our shoe box swaps, please remember to bring a "project" that will take 20 min to create. You will be at a table with 5-6 other people so you will need to bring enough supplies for 6 people to create your project as well as one completed project to show as a sample. There is also a contest at the end of each shoe box swap... we give $50 in stampin up prizes to each winner of the contest.
The samples used for the contest will be displayed at all events then after convention is over they will be used in my displays in Las Vegas Nevada until they retire at which time, they will be donated to Charity or sold for supplies for Cards for the kids.

I love to see all the projects everyone makes. Please make sure to Bring Your Camera! You will want to take plenty of pictures to help you in your events and classes.

Thank you to every stamper who shares your projects with all of us. YOU are wonderful and I love what you create.
Thanks for the inspiration.

Sign up for our Late Night Stamper 2010 convention events today read the next post then e-mail me at


Judi Sparks said...

Hi Sherrill,
I currently do not have a downline. I have recruited and done all kinds of things for them, but priorities, family and economics have gotten in the way for them. Even so, I try to support them. I would never want anyone to go into debt for their stamping. I tell them that. I don't want to guilt anyone. I figure they tried it and if it didn't work out for them despite little gifts, classes, swaps, and lots of correspondence...then, maybe it was not right for them.
I love what I am doing and love to share with others so it is perfect for me!

For His Kids,

sherryd said...

Hi Sherrill,
I wish I could attend convention this year, but as a new demo I just didn't forsee it happening this year. Is there any kind of book created with recipes and pictures that those of us who can't attend can still purchase so that we can enjoy the ideas also?

Latenightstamper said...

Virginia Killmore put one together last year, I'll check to see if she will do one again this year. thanks for asking