Sunday, March 21, 2010

God's blessings with the trials of life .... God and family first

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I started with Stampin Up back in Jan of 1991. I had one workshop a month for quite a few years with sales of $500 or so. I worked my business when I could while we raised our 4 children. It was fun and a great way to meet other moms. Stampin Up gave me a reason to get together with friends and gave us a little extra money to go out to dinner or pay a bill or two.
Just after the birth of our 4th child, my husband who was 32 years old he had his first heart attack. He had bypass surgery and a 6 month recovery. We had no income from his job for quite a few months. I thank God for not only sparring his life but for family and friends from the church who helped out in our time of need. This was the first of 7 heart attacks and angioplasties in the 19 years I have been with this company.

Each time I had to put Stampin Up on the back burner to tend to more important needs. Then when the crisis was over I needed to work more to bring in more income to help pay the added doctor, hospital, and insurance expenses. What started out as a way to earn a discount on stamps quickly turned into needed income. Over the years I kept my faith in God and devotion to my family separate from my Stampin Up business until I went to a leadership conference in Palm Springs. It was then that I made the decision to ask God each day to help me bless others in my Stampin Up business, to not focus on sales but to focus on service. I also decided to show more gratitude for God's blessings knowing he hears and answers prayers.
That year I was blessed with 20 tho in sales and two dozen new team members. I earned the incentive trip for my first time and I was on top of the world. My husband really took notice that year and enjoyed the trip so much that now he encourages me to go out to work! Last september Mark lost his job and we have seen the need to increase my Stampin Up income once again.
We are richly blessed... we continue to pay our bills with his unemployment, my Stampin Up income, gifts from family and a few odd jobs here and there.
We work like everything depends on us and we pray like everything depends on the Lord. I can't tell you how thankful I am for a job that I enjoy. A job that I can put important things first and one that allows me to help others along the way.

May each of us Lift~Inspire~Serve~Teach as we change the world by sharing what we love. Sherrill Graff

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May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff

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helloholley said...

What a story of true faith!....I must admit....I saw this as a 'hobby',since I've been a 'hobby demo' for about 2 ,like you, I need to use this as more of a business....I don't have a upline anymore,and I've only lived in our home now for 2 yrs....(I moved from TX to GA 3 yrs ago!!) I'm just not sure where to start...seems scary,but I'm going to trust that the Lord will take care of it all! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt makes me have some hope!! You do beautiful work!!
ps-can you tell me more about your groups?? I haven't been bloging long and only recently been in a couple of challenges! Thanks!