Monday, March 29, 2010

DC Cherry Blossom Festival and Gratitude for kindness shown

Gratitude is a mark of a noble soul and a refined character. We like to be around those who are grateful. They tend to brighten all around them. They make others feel better about themselves. They tend to be more humble, more joyful, more likable.

I am thankful for the beautiful friends here that share their art with all of us.
Look for the LNS blog tour coming soon. I'm thankful for each of you who are working behind the scenes and for all of you who are preparing works of heART to show the world.

One of the best ways we show our gratitude is by blessing the lives of those around us.
May each of us be blessed to spend a little time each day serving our loved ones, our family and friends.

It was a great day to spend in DC with my daughter Tiffany.
Thank you Justin and Tiffany for allowing me to come and spend a few weeks with you and for blessing us with such a sweet little granddaughter Ava.

Thanks to my husband Mark and the kids at home for taking care of things while I was away.

May God bless you and your family,
Sherrill Graff
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Corie said...

WOW what a beautiful card -- and your cherry blossom pictures are beautiful too. I live in the DC area, so I am thankful that I get to see them bloom every year.

I received your comment on being featured on your BLOG. I would be honored. Please let me know what you need me to do.

Big hugs and smiles,

Whimcees said...

Fantastic card! I love the colors and the layout! So pretty!

I have left a gift for you on my blog today. :<)

Barbara Diane