Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sherrill Graff hired Stampin Up sample makers for Convention

Over 1,300 in stampin Up merchandise will be given to these 22 talented stampers. Will you be hired next time?
Enter the poll on the group page (link below)

There is a poll on each group to list your name if you are interested in being a future sample maker.

1.Gretchen Barron  sample cards and purses $150

2.Barbara Dondero  basket's teachers gifts $50

3.Tammy Fite sample cards $50

4.Judy Jackson  sample cards $50

5.Mary Brown  ($20 fast ship) sample cards $150

6.Sarah Wills  sesame street characters 2 page layout scrapbook pages $70

7.Selene Kempton  sample cards $50

8.virginia killmore  sample cards $50

9.Elizabeth Sloman  sample cards $50

10.Marisol Gutierrez  sample cards $50

11.Dawn Bullock  sample cards $50

12.Sandi MacIver  sample cards $150

13.Stephanie Sullins  sample cards $50

14.Susan Shields  sample cards $50

15.Rebekah "Becky" Jensen  sample cards $50

16.Heidi Michel  sample cards $50

17.Barb Slaughter  sample cards $50

18.Lisa Milliron  sample cards $50

19 Connie Babbert  sample cards $50

20 Nancy Dawson  sample cards $50

21 Bethany Keeney  sample cards $50

22 Kirsten Brown  sample cards $50

Sherrill Graff

FREE Group for all stampers

FREE Demo Only Group:


Elizabeth *^..^* said...

How wonderful! Congrats to all. You have some great talent in this group. Okay, so how cool is that that you posted my singing reindeer. Thanks for making my day!

Bethany Keeney said...

Bethany Keeney here!
I posted your list of hired helpers to my blog for a chance to win $50 in stamps. I am still waiting impatiently for my new catalog to arrive. Then I will get my order to you.

MJ said...

Fabulous choices Sherrill, I have posted them on my blog too. You can find the blog addresses of all of them at this link

Heidi Michel said...

All of the hired stampers are on my blog sweetie!! Looking forward to being in the list of winners....


Angi said...

Hey there Sherill! Thanks for the chance! I posted your list of fantastic sample makers on my blog at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the opportunity!!! I added the list to my sidebar!

Barbara said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity to work for you! I'm so excited because I'm part of such an amazing group of stampers!!! I've posted the list on my blog:

rush8888 said...

your list of stampers are on my blog: i really enjoy this group of people. i think this is the only digest where i read everything and visit everyone!

Nancy Legate said...

What a group! Yay! They (and You!) all do such FANTASTIC work! I have a post set to go for early Monday on my blog. Thanks so much for ALL you ALL do! Here's my blog address: Nancy Legate :^) Got Stamps?

Stampndragon said...

Love all the samples. I have posted the list to my blog:
I hope to devote more space to stamping on it in the near future.

Anonymous said...

I've posted the list to my blog and it can be found at
I'm so thrilled with being chosen as a convention sample maker and even more thrilled to be in the company with these ladies.....

Being chosen by Sherrill really is a highlight to me as I've never seen my work as "worthy" of anything awesome, I rarely ever actually "give" my work to people because I fear the disappointment of the recipient, but being chosen by Sherrill has really been an extreme confidence boost that at least SOMEONE likes my work and I'm working harder to keep improving my skill and hoping to really overcome my fear of "disappoinment" in others....

Thank you again Sherrill for your AWESOME opportunity, it's touched my stampin heart more than you could know...... it's more than just the "payment" in the form of product to me - it's the payment in the form of confidence in myself because someone else acknowledges my work as worthy.....