Sunday, May 3, 2009

LNS STARS blog links

These are some of my LNS STARS friends and here are their blog links. enjoy

Mary Jo Price-Williams
Nancy Dawson
Leonie Schroder
Julie Semones
Eileen LeFevre
Pamela Browne
Erin M. Lasseter
Tammy Howell
Tiffany Bauer Group 2
Peggy Finney http://www.stampinpeg,
Nicole Anderson
Karen Sullivan
Kate Cecil
Kelly Mayou
Debbie Little
Lorita Edwards
Marilyn SanClemente
Jenna Cotton
Marisol Gutierrez Group 3
Sandi MacIver
Tina Taves
Chris Austin
Heidi Michel
Kelli Waters
Nancy Legate
Dianne Shiozaki
Holly Brown
Virginia Killmore
Kirsten Brown Group 4
Roz Wolfe
Roxie Nitti
Angi Anderson
Renee Winch
Angie Page
Selene Kempton
Laura Albertson
Ret Cudmore
Nicole Tugrul http://www.becreativewithnicole.typepad,com/

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I am glad you put this list together, I hope you don't mind me snatching it for my blog, too. I love sharing talented gals' blogs! Everyone needs a little inspiration now and then when their creative MOJO has up and left!

Blessings, Nicole