Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stampin Up Ronald McDoanld house and Sherrill Graff

This month we are making card for the Ronald McDonald House kids

This was a nice article written about me in a magazine - please enjoy

It thrilled to be in print love, sherrill

Growing Together: Sherrill Graff

As a busy mother of four, executive Sherrill Graff from Boulder City, Nevada, didn't have any extra time for a business when she became a demonstrator. So instead of having business and family compete for her time, Sherrill found ways to integrate them. "I had to find a way to make time to stamp while still caring for my family," she explains. "The children and I spent a part of each day stamping as a reward for getting the chores done. The faster they got them done, the longer we could stamp!"

Sherrill also organized card making get-togethers at McDonalds each Friday; moms would make cards and visit while the kids played together. Coming up on her seventeenth anniversary next year, Sherrill has enjoyed seeing "the children and the business grow side by side." She tells her new recruits to "involve their family members right from the start."

One of Sherrill's strengths is organization and goal-setting. She advises her recruits, "Plan your work, then work your plan." She sets aside family time and business time on her calendar, and prioritizes her tasks, doing the "important things and productive things first." Sherrill sets a personal sales goal each month, and then determines what events she needs to meet that goal. She tries to meet her monthly goal by the 15th, and plans a few more events each month than she thinks she needs. All her careful planning has paid off, and Sherrill met one of her biggest goals this year--$100,000 in career personal sales!

After stamping for nearly two decades, Sherrill says she still gets excited about new products, colors, and catalogs. "You would think after all these years, I'd get bored." she laughs, "Not so!" But she says it's the relationships she values the most. Her best sales advice is "to treat your customers like your friends. Sooner or later they will be."

Sherrill Graff

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