Monday, April 27, 2009

Free Stamp Contest - LNS Blog tour art

I went on a few blog tours today and picked up a few postcards to send to my friends.

Leave a post and tell me which ones are your favorites and you will be put into my drawing.

If you don't see your artwork here and you did participate in the Latenightstamper blog tour, I'm sorry. A few of the photos I clipped didn't show when I went to post them.

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Tiffany Bauer said...

I see mine!!! Thanks for posting all of these since I have not been able to make it to ALL the stops yet but I will before the day is over!!!
Tour #1 stop #3

MJ said...

Mine is there too. Thanks Sherrill. You have also added a ton more cards for the girls to case for this week's challenge on LNS! Awesome.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sherill...I see you were able to stop by and pick one up at my blog. I can't pick one they are all awesome. I love the idea of the golden oldies women on the front of the notebook. The saying is perfect...definately casing that one
Denise Tour 4

Bunny Cates, said...

Oh I love the clock card Marie+BT.jpg
and the little "chest" Tammy+BT.jpg

Great work everyone!!

Barb said...

My fav is by Margaret Raburn - I ove thats et.
Barb S

Brandi said...

Wow Sherrill, I see mine! Thanks! I see too many I want to case. I don't know which my favorite is. Love them all!

Michelle said...

My favorite is Gretchens creation. that girl has some mighty good talent!

Audrey said...

I really like two of them - the flower cone in blue and browns as well as the dress. But for a card, I'd have to choose the dress! Beautiful work they all did!!


Linda Tarolli said...

The tour works are all wonderful. Of those you've posted, I pick Raberta Gannon's card with the butterfly because it uses my all time favorite kiwi/vanilla satin ribbon! Gorgeous.
Linda Tarolli
East Syracuse, NY

Gretchen said...

I see my flower cone - thanks Sherrill! My goodness there are too many to pick. I do like the notebook with the forgetful women on the front -- how perfect! I also love Dacia Smith's card with the Pretties Kit Pick, Tammy Fite's card with the lawnmower (kind of looks like my lawn right now) and the earring box! Love them all -- Blessings, Gretchen

Liz said...

LOVE the matchbook die made into a dresser with a vase on top... amazing! I love the pearls on the Soft Summer card by Dacia too... It's so hard to choose... they are all amazing!

Susan Shields said...

OMGosh........Sherrill, today has been amazing!!! The blog tour was a complete success and has brought so many women together blessing each other! See, what goes around, comes around!
So many blog visits, so many comments left, so much attention......everyone has got to be on a high right now!!! Whether it's just having lot's of new visitors, to having so many comments, to all the inspiration out there that we can glean off of! I am overwhelmed!

And thank you for posting one of my cards, which is actually a case of another card posted on your blog a little while ago! I used this one for Challenge 17 on LNSconvention09! Woo Hoo!

You asked us to leave a comment on cards you have above that really stand out, and I started to do just that, but couldn't stop! They are ALL outstanding! There is no way I can list just a few! Hugs to everyone!!! You are all incredible, talented, admired, and appreciated, because you share your work!!!

Thank you for sharing, because it really does help others become better at what they do! "Rubbing elbows!"

Joyce Spear said...

I finished up all three tours about an hour ago and my head is still spinning! Of the photos you posted in this entry, my three favorite (and it was VERY hard to narrow down!) are Margaret Raburn's Forest Friends window card, Dawn Bullock's black and white matchbook box (although I loved what she did with ALL of her boxes on her blog!!!), and Tammy Howell's Matchbox dresser with the flower vase. Really, so much incredible stuff, I wish I could pick them all as my favorite, LOL!
Exhausted smiles,
Joyce Spear
stamperjoyce at AOL dot com

Nicole Tugrul said...

You picked out a lot of my favorites from the tours. I'd have to say my top 3 are Gretchen's beautiful Great Friend's Wall Hanging, Margaret Raburn's card and Mary Jo Price-Williams. Thanks again for all the inspiration!!

StampinCarol said...

These are all wonderful. I can't pick just one. I'll have to check out your blog tours. I just subscribed recently here.

Kristi said...

They are all so nice it's hard to pick a favorite. I really like the Green Forest Friends green diorama box by Margaret R. and of course Gretchen's things are always fabulous. Thanks ladies for all your great ideas! Kristi K

Karen said...

Thank you Sherrill! I see my rose box. All of the work is fabulous. How can anyone just pick one? I love being a part of LNS. There is so much inspiration, both in art and helping one another. Ladies you all ROCK! Karen Sullivan

CindyB said...

Well, there are some beauties but my fav is the bunny gift box that I made!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sherrill! It was great to see the card created for the blog tour here. You are awesome. There are so many wonderful cards, I think the beach umbrella was a clever idea.
Dacia Smith